The Insurer Cloud is a revolutionary new software solution which improves and simplifies the way in which insurers, managing general agents (MGAs) and brokers with delegated authority distribute and update their products. The service uses a combination of technologies to provide an advanced cloud rating solution capable of supporting multiple users, products, broker sites and related software platforms.

Using The Insurer Cloud, insurers can drastically decrease both the cost and the time involved in distributing a new product to any number of broker sites. Scheme files are stored in the cloud and can be accessed, edited and shared by the insurer at any time using any device, including tablets and phones.

Key features

  • Safely store products online
  • Reduced product distribution costs
  • Easily upload, access, edit and share products at any time, on any device
  • Distribute any product to any number of brokers in a single secure release
  • Make live changes to scheme files without having to wait for the product to be re-distributed

The Insurer Cloud is working with a number of leading industry software houses including Transactor Global Solutions.

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