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  • Centralised rate update and distribution, one update for all integrated partners
  • Real-time quote analytics, anonymised request and response data available to report on
  • A simplified route to market leading to reduced product distribution costs
  • Maintenance fees with a simple annual payment, hosting and transactional charges
  • Full self-empowerment over all product changes and distribution
  • Capabilities for use of Third Party services for data enrichment including own data sources


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  • Integrates with "off the shelf" software house platforms
  • Integrates with custom built broker software applications
  • Increased panel offering, maintained centrally
  • Product suite that is maintained in real-time, benefiting from latest schemes
  • Access to products that might normally not be available due to cost of development or technology short falls
  • Access to Polaris rates that aren't available in your software provider's solution


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  • Simple Web API using JSON or XML allows TIC to be integrated into any insurance software system
  • Reduced development time to add new products to the panel
  • Access to Polaris rates without the need to integrate the Polaris WSRTE or RTE
  • Increased panel offering through a single solution
  • Software provider maintains relationship with the Insurer, MGA, Wholesale Broker for POS document and EDI
  • No additional infrastructure costs compared to a hosted rating engine